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 Plan, develop, deliver and manage programmes for business growth

Our Services

CNR plans, develops, delivers and manages programmes to support business growth. We work for many different types of clients, including government departments, blue chip businesses, public authorities, social enterprises and regional or national development agencies.

Our people and technology-based services support the full ‘life-cycle’ of projects and programmes from initial development to delivery, performance management and evaluation. For example:

Plan - research needs, set objectives and outcomes, obtain sponsorship
Develop - collate resources, mentor teams and participants, organise launch and subsequent marketing
Deliver - provide or facilitate leadership, organise and run processes, maximise penetration, test and disseminate findings
Manage - manage performance, celebrate successes, evaluate progress and share learning
Diagram: plan, develop, deliver, manage cycle.
Typical outcomes from our work include:-
Developing networks of people
Innovation and change
Identification and sharing of best practice
Training and skills development
Government initiatives to aid business
Provision of e-business advice
Knowledge and technology transfer
You will find more about our special skills, knowledge and competencies under our clients & case studies