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 Plan, develop, deliver and manage programmes for business growth

Welcome to CNR. On this site you will discover some of the many ways in which we can add value to your programmes or business.

CNR is a specialist management consultancy with a leading national reputation gained with prominent public and private sector organisations. We plan, develop, deliver and manage a variety of programmes and projects to support our clients' activities. At the heart of our approach is the strong emphasis we give to our values of flexibility, excellent customer relations, continuous development and collaborative working through our Associates' network to ensure you achieve your results.
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Our people and technology-based services support the full ‘life-cycle’ of projects and programmes from initial development to delivery, performance management and evaluation. Typical outcomes from our work are:
 Developing networks of people
 Identification and sharing of best practice
 Government initiatives to aid business
 Knowledge and technology transfer
 Innovation and change
 Training and skills development
 Provision of e-business advice

"I have been impressed by the professionalism, commitment and energy that CNR bring when we have worked with them to develop and deliver the BLU programme of learning, knowledge-sharing and networking"
BLU - Head of Systems Development